Contemporary Fine Artist

Contemporary fine artist Allan Henderson produces inspirational art, subtly and skilfully pushing boundaries. 

Allan's work is continually evolving, across all kinds of media from drawings to sculpture, from photography and video to digital presentations. It maintains an artistic integrity and originality based on keen observation of the world through fresh eyes and perspectives.



Front row

This large commission was made for Rams Rugby Club to mark their promotion to National Division 1


Sculpture series

This work is a series of three dimensional wall reliefs composed from precisely arranged geometric forms. These forms – each one an identical rhombus - accumulate to give a very particular visual experience and sensation. 

The initial impact of these works lies with the overall composition – which varies from piece to piece, but is always crisp and linear, and tightly controlled in its order and colour relationships. 

Geometric sculpture


Print series

Reflections is a rich, multi-format series of art works celebrating water, inspired by both Henley on Thames, Allan’s home town, and by beautiful Venice - the City of Water, to which poets and artists have always paid homage.

The Reflections collection started with Allan’s fascinating video studies in Venice. These are now captured forever in a stunningly peaceful digital video production, the start point of a body of work that has developed and continues to evolve, delivering a range of inimitable and truly unique prints, digital art, and sculptures.

Signatures of Venice I. By Allan Henderson.

Signatures of Venice  I.  Limited edition print series

Each time of day captures differing moments of reflected beauty in water, moments that will never be repeated, according to sky, weather, water conditions and surroundings. 

Water Dance captures and reflects this timeless process, giving it a permanence denied to it in its original form. 


Allan’s careful observations result in carefully selected clips of film, selected at optimum moments of the day, often sunrise and sunset, He blends them slowly into each other in their hypnotic dance, the interplay creating a ten-minute film of something unique, timeless, soothing and peaceful. 

This film is an intriguing focus during exhibitions and can be shown in many different formats

Water Dance short film

Water Dance short film.

Water Dance Sculpture by Allan Henderson.
Water Dance

Sculpture series

This series of striking sculptures is a natural extension of Reflections, taking water into a completely new medium to generate a stunning new life of its own. 

From sculptures small enough to be no more than an incredible puddle of striking colour, to large scale wall installations, Allan captures the fluidity and depth of the water’s surface.


The sculptures are created by cutting out each coloured panel and line and reassembling them at different heights creating texture, shadows and a richness of interest.  

The result is a fascinating series of sculptures, both unusual and visually appealing, somehow create a simultaneous sense of motion, stillness, peace and drama.

Each sculpture is created by hand, creating a genuinely unique piece of art.  

Water Dance I. wall sculpture


Career Archive

Allan has created a rich body of art in his many years of experience and constant search for inspiration for new pieces.


These include the following archive collections, from which pieces may occasionally be commissioned.

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Beyond his current collections, Allan may also be commissioned for other creative projects

Cubist Guitar sculpture

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