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My Archival Bronze sculptures series.

I have made many figurative sculptures using clay to make the master.

Many of these have been cast over the years as bronze resin editions.

A little while ago I started to be asked by my clients to have pieces cast in foundry Bronze.

This started the process of working with the people a The Morris Singer foundry to make this Archival “greatest hit” series.

I love overseeing the process and have developed a close working relationship with the people at the foundry.


Poets lll bronze resin and foundry bronze editions are to be found in many wonderful collections.

The foundry bronze  is limited to an edition of 15


The Sculler sculpture is very special. It is of Mark Hunter who won gold at the Beijing Olympics and silver at London 2012. I worked very closely with Mark in order to get the “catch” position just right. This foundry bronze edition is limited to 15


Let’s meet to discuss them further.

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