Signatures of Venice I.. (A single pole reflected in the water near St Mark's Square). 

Framed 820mm x 794mm

Example of recommended framing 

Signatures of Venice VI. (St Marks Square at Sunset). Framed 820mm x 794mm


Print series

Background to Reflections 

With his family grown and almost ready to leave the nest, Allan had an increasing amount of time to focus on his own need to create, and where better to be inspired than with the heightened sense of creativity generated by being immersed in the surroundings of Venice’s stunning Biennale. 

The visit heralded a new époque, a springboard for a new direction. He has since visited and been inspired by Italy repeatedly, releasing in him an even deeper vein of creativity.

The Art 

Reflections explores the personality of the water and how it interacts with the environment that it reflects. Whilst seemingly unchanging, meandering, water’s surface is always affected by both geography and time. Images emerge and dissolve, never to appear in the exact same format again.


Whilst water can appear slow flowing, timeless, in reality it is constantly, dynamically changing, never resting - affecting, shaping and reflecting the world around it, with no two moments ever the same

Seeing water through Allan’s eyes can change a viewer’s perspective forever. He captures moments, making them timeless, allowing us to relive that moment in a series of mesmerising portraits and sculptures capturing colours that an everyday eye might miss.


They unfold the richness of taking a mindful moment to pause and as the water plays host to its ethereal dance.

Signatures of Venice

Allan observed that a particular group of stills within the Water Dance film brought to mind the surrealist forms of Salvador Dali's sculptures, each unique, each holding a special moment in time.

To create ‘Signatures’, Allan self-imposed a process, and created a flow by selecting a key moment and using the stills from 1.5 seconds of footage and arranging them in a grid. A kind of Eadweard Muybridge for the 21st century.

This gave a new ‘handwriting’to Henderson’s work: carefully selected randomness. forms and shapes that could never be guessed at or conceived without this process.

The water is immortalised forever in the form of limited edition prints, forming beautiful wall art that creates a stunning focal talking point for those who love art, and a subtle, calming yet dynamic backdrop for passers-by.

To enquire or find out more, contact the Allen Henderson Gallery.


“Thus did I by the water's brink 

Another world beneath me think”


Extract from ‘Shadows in the Water' 

by Thomas Traherne

Reflections, framed and displayed


Portrait of Jack. The Union Jack reflected in the water near Henley. Framed 820mm x 794mm

Signatures of Venice IV. (The Arsenale Shipyards). Framed 820mm x 794mm

Signatures of Venice V. (The Grand Canal at Night). Framed 820mm x 794mm

Portrait of Jack

Portrait of Jack presents a particularly important image for Henderson following his commissioned work with the GB rowing team.


The images explore how the ‘Union Jack’ flag, symbol of British sporting patriotism, could be depicted leading up to the London 2012 Olympics. 

Ultimately this was achieved by reflecting it into the magnificent River Thames to stunning effect.


Signatures of Venice III. (The Biennale Bridge). Framed 820mm x 794mm

Signatures of Venice II. (A Bridge and Canal). Framed 820mm x 794mm

Signatures of The Thames III. (The Moorings at Hobbs of Henley) by Allan Henderson.

Signatures of The Thames III. (The Moorings at Hobbs of Henley). Framed 820mm x 794mm

Signatures of The Thames. (Northerly Winds on the Regatta course). Framed 820mm x 794mm