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Allan’s current collections demonstrate the depth of thought and skill that goes into each collection. From the seed of an idea, a starting point for wider creativity, he develops works, subtly adapting shape and form in ways appropriate to, and enhanced by, the media being used.


Henderson is an artist who has hit his stride. His life experience, travel, observations and many years of constant study have culminated in two current collections that he is exploring, developing and constantly expanding: Reflections and Geometrics.

Both take simple concepts and grow them, distort them, offering new perspectives in ways that remain aesthetically pleasing, whilst still challenging the viewer to engage with the work and see things differently.

Allan’s works are researched, developed, grown and adapted with his immense curiosity. In this way they expand, with time, precision and care given to perfecting their form.


About the Artist

British artist Allan Henderson has made an outstanding mark on the professional arts scene, with a fascinating client base that includes politicians, media personalities and successful business people. 

With degrees in both design and fine art, creativity is in Henderson’s DNA.  He sees the world with a fresh pair of eyes, exploring it to bring new perspectives of even something as simple as water or geometric squares to the viewer. His skill extends across a range of media from sculpture and drawing to installation, prints and painting; and to digital formats including video subverted as an art form.

Allan’s professional approach to his art harnesses his life experience. He continues to explore and expand, often turning hard materials into something soft and flowing, and creating new, exciting perspectives on the familiar, including a forthcoming range of jewellery; or taking something temporary, ethereal and beautiful and creating a permanent homage to it.

His current collections include Reflections inspired by water; and Geometrics, bold, attractive art that appears deceptively simple and striking, yet subtly changes according to the viewers’ perspective.


The beautiful English riverside town of Henley, where Henderson brought up his family, is both an inspiration and home to his studio workshop and exhibition space (see left), open for viewings on request. 

To discuss Allan's upcoming art works, exhibitions or commissions, book a viewing, or to find out more about the artist, please contact Allan's studio.

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