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Cubism revisited series of sculptures. (Guitar) by Allan Henderson.

Cubist Guitar and Still Life series

Guitar. Cubism revisited series of sculptures.


Allan's pieces are original or limited edition art works. However, should you be inspired by a piece in the archive collection, this could serve as inspiration for a new piece by commission.


To discuss, please contact Allan’s studio.

Allan’s abstract sculptures were developed from ideas during time spent in France. They revisit the sumptuous visual language of the Cubists, one of the greatest movements in the history of art -- one which he believes still has potential for further artistic exploration.


The pieces are wholly three dimensional, with a flow that is visually resolved in the round. The collection incorporates a table, guitar, fruit bowl and working table lamp. They use fine materials – including fine burr and steel - with each element afforded a high level of attention to detail.


They flow rhythmically, a signature of much of his art.

Sculptors drawings
Collaged Portrait by Allan Hendrson.

"Sculptors drawings"

Drawing is, of course, a fundamental activity in the life of an Artist.


Allan spent much of his early years creating figurative sculptures in clay, and this has lead him to pursue ideas in drawing which describe forms in a sculptural way.


The two examples shown here illustrate Allan’s drive to make “Sculptors drawings.” Both are made in the same way as clay sculptures are created i.e. from the inside out, fleshing out the shapes and forms using pieces of water colour paper instead of clay (in the case of the collaged portraits) and multi layered ink brush stokes (in the case of the life drawing.)

An example of a multi layered collaged portrait commission 760mm x 550mm

Life Drawing using ink and wax by Allan Henderson.

An example of Life Drawing. Ink and wax

Allan’s early career bought great success in figurative sculptures which were created in editions of 10 bronze and 10 bronze resin castings. They study face and body form in a mix of terracotta, bronze, bronze resin and iron resin.

This example is a sculpture of rower Mark Hunter captured the text book position of “The Catch” -  Allan worked very closely with Mark who rowed his country to Olympic Gold in Beijing and Silver in London 2012

Figurative sculptures

“The Catch”  

Motion and Repetition

Motion and Repetition was created ahead of the London 2012 Olympics, in association with the athletes of the GB lightweight men’s rowing team. Through significant in-depth study and observation with the athletes during training, Allan was able to give the resulting images a high degree of insight and integrity. 

It comprised not only ‘Portrait of Jack’, a study that became part of the current Reflections collection, but a significant body of art across numerous media including a 3 screen video installation. (see sample video)

A series of limited edition prints (Catch, Transcendent, and Velocity) captured the strength and speed of the rowers in beautiful blurred motion, whilst Triptych and Weight, also limited-edition prints, captured the strength exercises that go into creating an Olympian.


This body of work exhibited twice at The River and Rowing Museum, Henley, as part of the official countdown to the London 2012 Olympics.


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